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KN University has sought to ensure that the information given in this Brochure is correct but does not guarantee its accuracy and KNU does not accept any liability for omissions, errors or changes.

While KN U aims to provide the programmes, modules and facilities as described in this brochure, it does not represent a binding commitment. KNU reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to add, remove or alter content of the brochure.

There may be times where KNU needs to change the information in this brochure and we will update them when we do. Please have a look at the recent brochure and website before making any decisions to ensure that you are viewing KNU most up-to-date published information.

The University is accredited by ____ , and that accreditation does not guarantee the quality of education or job prospects.

Acceptance of registration by the KN University and admission to any educational program of the University does not constitute a contract or warranty that the University will continue to offer the program in which a student is enrolled. The University expressly reserves the right to change, phase out, or discontinue any program. The listing of courses contained in any University bulletin, catalog, or schedule is by way of announcement only and shall not be regarded as an offer of contract.

The University expressly reserves the right to: