B.Sc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

B.Sc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: "Unleash the Power of AI and Data for Future Innovations!"

The B.Sc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science program offers an exciting opportunity to study the innovative field of AI that has revolutionized the service sector. By exploring the intricacies of human brain functions, learning processes, decision-making mechanisms, and problem-solving techniques, the program provides a strong foundation for the development of intelligent software and systems. AI has permeated every sector of the economy and is driving digital innovation and breakthrough technologies.

Data Science is another critical aspect of the program that equips students with flexible and in-demand skills that can be applied across industries such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and e-commerce.

The course offers challenging careers with growing salaries, and job titles such as Data Engineer, Data Architect, Data Administrator, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data/Analytics Manager, and Business Intelligence Manager are among the prominent ones in the domain.

B.Sc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

3/4 Year (Honours) Program

ELIGIBILITY: 10+2 (Merit-based Selection)

  • Develops advanced data analytics proficiency
  • Increases expertise in Al model development
  • Develops collaborative project leadership
  • Provides understanding of ethical Al and responsible data practices